About Me

Hi my name is Matt Ebert

I'm an atomic molecular and optical (AMO) physicist at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My advisor is Thad Walker, and we work on a Quantum Computing Experiment in collaboration with Mark Saffman. For more information on my research I will direct you to the blog thread devoted to the lab, which I will post here as soon as I write it. Promise.

In addition to working in a AMO lab, I also spend a couple hours a week working in Garage Physics, where I mentor students, work on side projects, and manage the lab and associated equipment. Garage Physics is a lab space operated by the Department of Physics and run by Duncan Carlsmith and Brett Unks

Me! Eating!

The purpose of this website is to act as a publicly visible log of my huge swath of projects, in addition to helping me organize all the information in a single place.

If you find something interesting, eventually there will be comments and maybe a forum for you to express yourself, but for now please see the Contact Page.

I hope you enjoy yourself and maybe accidentally learn something in the process!

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